Who Invented Fortune Telling ?

Who Invented Fortune Telling ?

Fortune telling was not invented by one single person. In fact, it was followed by different cultures across the world.

Fortune telling is not something new. It is an age old way of foretelling. People in different countries use different methods to foretell. For example, Feng Shui, astrology and palmistry were famous in both China and India.Several countries worldwide followed fortune telling rituals in different ways. The Egyptians depended on the omens, and the gypsies to know their future. Psychics are also fortune tellers, and they look into the crystal ball and try and predict the future.

Some evidence shows that fortune telling was practiced in ancient times in countries like China, Egypt, Chaldea and Babylonia in 4000 B.C. There were the prophecies and the oracles at that time. Future predictions played as important role as the medicine in those days. It was a much revered form of science, and people had great belief in the entire system.

Some of the predictive systems that were used were astrology, which involved movement of the astral bodies; numerology that involved computation of numbers; and playing cards. In ancient Greece there was the Oracle, and the people would approach the Oracle for her predictions before making any important political decisions and even for marriages. The dice and the crystal ball were also very popular in ancient Greece.

Some people even read the handwriting to tell about the person’s characteristics. Tarot cards and palmistry are another popular way of foretelling that is being followed since ancient times.

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Who Invented Fortune Telling