What Are The Basics Of Palm Reading ?

What Are The Basics Of Palm Reading ?

Any person, who is intending to learn palmistry, should know the basics of palm reading.

There are several resources available these days to learn palmistry. Most of them are available on the Internet, and it is also possible to learn it free of cost.Learning palmistry involves learning about the basic lines on the palm, and what they stand for. If you take a closer look at your palm, you will find a couple of lines or more that are very long and they stretch out covering the entire length and width of the palm. These are some basic lines that you should know about.

The basics of palmistry cover knowing about what and where is the heart line located. You should also know which is the life line and which is the fate line. These three lines are the main aspects of palmistry. Then there are other lines which are offshoots of these three major lines like the money line, career line and the marriage line. The kid’s line is an offshoot of the marriage line.

People who have studied the palms have segregated the lines in a logical way. Knowing these lines, and what each offshoot stands for gives you a basic idea of how life is going to be for you. The mount of Venus also forms an important part of palmistry. If the mount of Venus is high, then you will have a good life. Also, if a certain line has several breaks and is short, it may not mean very well for you.

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What Are The Basics Of Palm Reading