Influence Line Cutting Fate Line Palm  

The influence line arises from the mount of Venus and meets the fate line after transiting the regions of Moon and Neptune. While some people show a double influence line, there are others who even have three of them. Irrespective of the number, this line is believed to strengthen the influence of the line that it accompanies, which is why it is termed as the line of influence.

Subtle influence lines that tend to join up with the fate line indicate the presence of people who will walk into your life and influence your destiny. The precise time of one’s marriage can be predicted if the influence line is strongly demarked at its juncture with the line of fate and around the same time if the marriage line can be spotted on the mount of Mercury. Similarly, there are several other details of one’s life that can be foreseen with the aid of influence line.  

Details about one’s romantic life can also be predicted via a thorough study of the line of influence. A line passing over the mount of Moon reflects romance preceding one’s marriage. In addition, it also highlights that the concerned individual shall come across his or her mate while one is on the move, far away from the immediate family. An ‘island’ on this influence line is a negative indication. Such a line only brings bad influence into one’s life which could even bring along some dishonor to the individual. The proportion of clarity of the line of fate after its amalgamation with the influence line also speaks volumes about the effect of marriage on one’s fortune. While a sharp line of fate after its union with the line of influence illustrates a situation wherein the person will encounter success after marriage; a faded fate line reflects a disadvantageous wedlock.

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Influence Line Cutting Fate Line Palm




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