What Is Life Line

What Is Life Line ?

There are 7 fundamental lines that are studied in palmistry. Amongst these, it is the life line that holds the most importance. Owing to its immense significance in deducing a person’s general life content, this line is also referred to as the age line and paternal line. In order to identify the life line, look for an arc shaped line that starts between the thumb and the index finger and moves towards the bottom of the hand.

Although it is often believed that the length of this line indicates our age, this idea is far from the truth. The life line mainly demonstrates the individual’s health condition and also indicates the crucial phases of one’s life.

The appearance of the life line gives strong messages about the individual’s personality and future course of events. While a deeply etched long line signifies vigor, multiple lines indicate an even higher level of vigor and someone with a curvy line is supposed to be extremely energetic. A person with a short life line needs to be cautious of the manipulative instincts of others and those with a straight age line need to adopt the same policy in relationships as well. The closer the line is to the thumb, the more is the person prone to fatigue. A double line notifies the presence of affection other than your partner. A broken life line belongs to an individual who may encounter alterations in his or her lifestyle. In rare cases, the life line may be completely absent. This is an indication of nervousness.

At times, the life line sends offshoots to other parts of the palm. The significance varies in each case with respect to the direction of the branching. Academic success, business achievements and accumulation of wealth are certain indications in cases wherein the branching extends towards the mounts of Jupiter, Mercury and Apollo respectively.

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What Is Life Line