History Of The Mormon Religion In Britain

History Of The Mormon Religion In Britain

Mormonism has been in the United Kingdom ever since 1837, the year that the gospel came to Briton. This enabled many lives to be uplifted, touched or regenerated. People were taught the power and goodness of god, needy got cared for, sick were healed, people in sorrow were comforted, people who wavered from the path of righteousness were brought back and peace filled the tormented and troubled.


In 1837, the US went through financial turmoil which affected the Church, which had head office at Kirtland, Ohio. Heber C Kimball of the Council of the Twelve decided to move to England with the Gospel to open doors towards salvation as instructed by Prophet Joseph. Along with three other companions and missionaries from Canada, seven of them set sail on Garrick on 1 July 1837 to arrive at Liverpool on 20 July 1837.

Reverend James Fielding, the brother of Joseph Fielding, invited the latter to Vauxhall Chapel on 23 July to witness the preaching of Reverend Fielding. By 30 July, nine people were baptized and the missionary started gaining momentum.

An auditorium called the Cockpit was earmarked for the meetings and by Christmas, branches in other places apart from Preston were established. By 8 April 1838, the mission had two thousand members and Preston alone had four hundred. Joseph Fielding was chosen as president and Elder William Clayton and Elder Willard Richards as counselors of British Mission. On 14 April 1840, the 1st council meet of the Quorum of British Twelve was held at Preston. Following a general conference of saints, monthly publication and hymnbook was decided to be circulated which became known as ‘Millennial Star’ which stopped in 1970.

Elders Alexander Wright and Samuel Mulliner came to Glasgow on 20 December 1839 and introduced the gospel in Scotland. They left for Edinburgh the next day. Elder Wright set on foot to North Scotland to meet his family. Despite illness and poor food, he preached the gospel through his journey.

Elder Mulliner started missionary work at Bishopton close to Paisley and proclaimed the Gospel on 10 January 1840. Alexander Hay along with his wife were first to be baptized in River Clyde, close to Bishopton.

Elder John Taylor along with brothers William Black and James Mcguffie left from Liverpool to Ireland and arrived on 29 July 1840 at a village called Newry. In the courthouse of brethren, Elder John preached the gospel which was attended by almost seven hundred people.

It was Dan Jones who converted most people in Wales and was called the Father of Welsh Mission.

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History Of The Mormon Religion In Britain