Is Religion Philosophy

Is Religion Philosophy ?

Many of us may wonder if theology is actually philosophy. Philosophy is analytically thinking about the aspects of universe. Ethical impulses and generating comprehensible systems for real world practices is dealt with in moral philosophy whereas natural philosophy describes along with logical conclusions the natural world and its states. Metaphysical philosophy on the other hand works on constructing and determining the initial principles that move from the universal to particular. The common factor in all types is they aim to find out the truth based upon new insights and facts. Theology on the other hand is based on stagnant ideas that once set do not change. This system claims that truth is readily available in Holy books and any changes to them are forbidden.


Philosophy can be defined as a philosophical doctrine, a rational study of facts and principles of knowledge, being and conduct and a system giving directions in real-world affairs. It has 3 branches, namely moral philosophy, metaphysical philosophy and natural philosophy. It is considered that a philosophical approach is a composed, calm attitude in troubles and anger.

Books like Koran or Holy Bible have great values like being a metaphor, simile or allegory and a wellspring of symbolism but these values end there as the theologians do not actively try discovering the truth or fallacy of their religious claims, making the system intellectually stagnant.

The system of ideas firstly may show tremendous values to depict the accurate values. These systems are results of investigation, intense deliberation and new insights that may lead to a healthier understanding and more precise representation of reality as compared to the previous one. Such systems are considered philosophical. On the other hand sometimes value statements take the place of facts in the system of ideas as it beautifies it often making it a tradition. Such systems are termed as a realm of Art and do not require any facts or justification. Theology is more a representation of the second type of system of ideas.

It is true that a religion-less world might not appeal to many, as one will miss out on complicated yet fascinating and beautiful religious ideas. However, Divinity as of now can be called only as a subject of Arts not a branch in philosophy. To receive the title of Ph. D in philosophy, theology students require breaking open new grounds in the field of divinity, thinking from a critical angle, question the existing and contribute something new to the world.

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