Science Vs Religion Argument

Science Vs Religion Argument

Today, as science is providing so many answers, it has reopened the debate between science and religion. The science vs religion argument is an ongoing one, which is occurring for centuries now. While religion helps a person find his/her moral compass, it also tends to interfere with certain areas of education.

Many believers in the US do not want schools to teach their children about Darwinism and evolution. Rather, they want the school to teach their children about creationism and the how God created the world and all living and inanimate things. Also, their beliefs are steeped in the religion, as Adam and Eve consumed the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge which led to their banishment from the Garden of Eden. Hence, anything apart from what God tells them is considered wrong.

In the ancient times, it was considered that learned priests and elders were the right ones to guide a person to salvation. However, as science has developed and provided more answers to certain beliefs that people hold, this hold has become weak. No longer do people look towards the church and priests for salvation. Rather they want to make their lives better and also for their children. In this endeavor, science provides a lot of answers.
Earlier when thunder used to strike, mothers would tell their children that angels were playing. However, science has managed to provide an answer why the sound of thunder occurs. Similarly, many answers have been provided by science.

The belief in religion is deep rooted and it would be very difficult for a person to lose that belief. For instance, creationism and evolution are hot topics in the US. Those who believe in creationism just do not want to let go of that belief. On the other hand, evolution believers scorn the people who believe in creationism. However, if one sits down and ponders, they will see that evolution and creationism are quite similar. First the heaven and earth were created; followed by water, plants, animals and finally mankind. While evolution believers claim that this occurrence took several millennia, creationist say that God took 6 days to make the universe and rested on the seventh day.

A lot of science vs religion argument has been started by the church, which is slowly losing its importance in day-to-day life. Earlier the church claimed that it was the only path to heaven and salvation, and hence, people used to flock to churches. However, this no longer has the desired pull.

While the science vs religion argument can go on endlessly with each side believing that it is right, the truth remains that both can co-exist in harmony if the believers allow this to happen. People need some form of solace, which religion provides, and for everything else there is science. At the same time, there are several things in this world that science has not been able to explain. So, these things need some form of support, which is provided by religion. If these things go unexplained, a person could go crazy trying to decipher them. However, knowing that it fall in the ambit of religion gives hope to a person.

Trying to impose one belief on others is not the way forward. A person should be open-minded to other people's beliefs and it is only then he/she will be at peace with themselves. This holds true for religion as well as science believers. However, this kind of truce is not possible at the moment and therefore, it is destined, at least for some time, for the science vs religion argument to continue.

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