Compare And Contrast Buddhism And Christianity

Compare And Contrast Buddhism And Christianity

Every religion has got its credentials and basically they cannot be compared in the beliefs. Religion only preaches good things to people. Buddhism is based on the philosophy of life and practicality, while preaching the Buddha’s principles. Buddhism is an ancient religion and came into being much before Christianity. Christianity revolves around Jesus Christ.


For nearly two millenniums, both Christianity and Buddhism went through several changes. They both were spreading in the Far East and west. However, both Christianity and Buddhism got wiped out from the place the religion originated. Both these religions were widely followed by people who did not originally belong to the race or religion. Several people converted from their original religion to Christianity or Buddhism. They also went through several transformations long after the founders of these religions left the world.

Buddhism and Christianity have come to be known as two greatest religions in the world and today both these religions have a vast number of followers worldwide. They have several similarities and differences.

Buddha’s preaching mainly concentrated on the welfare of the humans and it showed the right path for leading a life. He placed high ethics and morals as primary values.

Jesus Christ also had a similar approach, and his preaching’s were mainly aimed for the good of the people. The teachings of Christ are considered to be easy to follow. And, Christ was not in favor of asceticism. On the other hand, Lord Buddha believed that a person could find peace by gaining knowledge. He did not believe in the existence of god.

Buddhism involves certain forms of worship, such as bowing, lighting incense, ringing bells, using prayer beads to meditate and constructing temples known as stupas. Christianity too believes in ringing bells, lighting incense sticks and building towers on churches to house the bells. Furthermore, Christianity encourages people to go for confession, so that they can be absolved off their sins.

Both Buddhism and Christianity believe in compassion for all living beings and mankind. Love should be shared with one and all.

Buddhism does not believe in any god or deity, whereas Christianity does consider Jesus Christ as a god.

As per Buddhism human beings have to work for their own salvation and Christianity offers salvation to those who adapt the religion.

Buddhism says that by having a good karma a person can attain eternity; while Christianity believes that eternity comes in heaven.

Buddhism does not believe that god showers love or will take care of his people but Christianity says that God will do it and when they come to His feet. Christianity believes that god created the universe; whereas Buddhism does notbelieve in the concept of god.

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