Describe The Zen Buddhist Theory And Practices  

Zen Buddhism is based on the original form of Buddhism and the followers believe that meditation is the only path that can lead to knowledge. The practice of meditation includes meditation for enlightenment; chanting; avoiding traditional practices; and Koan practice.


The core of Zen Buddhism is meditation. The followers believe that it has the power to impart knowledge. When you meditate the heart and mind will open and find answers. The mind is full of questions and there are 2 ways through which you can attain answers according to Zen Buddhism.

Some of the Buddhists are atheists and believe that the answers will come to them when their minds are in a peaceful state. Some Buddhists believe in gods and use meditation as a way to get closer to god. He will provide the answers through His power. In either case, meditation is a way through which people get closer to the truth and also attain a balance of mind, which is the main part of Zen Buddhism.

The Zen Buddhists deem that the final goal is to achieve enlightenment. It is not an easy path and one has to make several sacrifices for the attainment. According to them every person has a Buddha in him and it reflects on their nature. Meditation helps in zeroing in on the mind and allows people to concentrate on things of importance.

As per the Zen tradition, the people reject all religious practices. They do not believe in worship, studying scriptures and also that good work is a way of achieving enlightenment. There are several things that influence the art of meditation in this religion. It is very difficult to understand the finer aspects of it. In Zen Buddhism, the followers believe just in meditation and not in the acts in attaining enlightenment.

Zen Buddhists gather in monasteries for chanting some times. They participate in group meditation although it is not an essential part of the religion.

Koan is the method of letting go of materialism and the worldliness, limiting wants helps to meditate better. According to a book called Points of Departure: Zen Buddhism with a Rinzai View by Eldo T. Shimano, the definition of Koan is the place, time and event when truth reveals itself.

Zen Buddhism is thought as a religion by itself. Sometimes people who want to follow it are hesitant to give up their own religion. It is also considered as a philosophy and one can adapt to its practices to suit their cultural beliefs and other rituals.

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Describe The Zen Buddhist Theory And Practices


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