Denominations Christian Differences

Denominations Christian Differences

Christianity had its origin about two thousand years from now. Though a lot has reformed over the years and different denominations of Christianity have evolved, most orthodox Christian churches believe that Jesus Christ came on earth as an incarnation of the Lord. According to Christian theology Jesus came to give up his life securing salvation for everyone who believed in him. In spite of strong beliefs, views and the places of worship have changed and developed. If we roughly break down Christianity, it can be broadly divided into three major denominations mentioned below.

When Christianity was born as a religion, people would gather together in one another’s homes as shared living was supported. Eventually with the codification of Christian beliefs and books on the finalized New Testament, the Catholic denomination started taking shape. This by eleven thousand A.D. became a major social and political force worldwide. The Popes had their influence on rulers all over the world as they held the power to place complete nations under prohibition of receiving the holy services, which was equivalent to being thrown out.

Martin Luther detested this practice and 1517 onwards started preaching against it. He wrote and published the “95 Theses” which was an accusation against people having to spend pots of money to worship articles in the desire to attain salvation. In 1521 he was excommunicated and his followers started being called initially the Lutherans and afterwards Protestants. By 1547, King Edward VI of England became the first Protestant monarch of Europe.

John Calvin, also a protestant scholar believed in destiny. According to him human beings were born either to believe in or to disbelieve Jesus Christ and this could not be changed. Though his theory is no more popular now but the Baptist and Presbyterians churches prominently fall under this denomination – The Calvinist denomination.

John Wesley, a preacher and a participant of the Anglican Church, on the other hand denied the above theory. According to him salvation could be attained only through faith. This belief system of entire sanctification gave rise to the Methodist denomination.

The Episcopal and Anglican churches are one of the protestant churches that are closest to the Catholic Church. The Methodist has few similarities too. However, to them the Pope is counted as one amongst them and not better or holier. There are many other differences like less importance on worshiping the priest or the priest being able to marry.

The major difference amongst all mainstream Christian denominations is over practice. They argue on topics like how should baptism be performed or should a person be sprinkled by holy water or be immersed in water completely during baptism.

Different denomination of Christian churches worship in different styles. Depending on what worship style appeals to oneself, one can participate in a similar Christian congregation as though the style of conducting a service might differ from church to church but the message conveyed is the same.

All Christians irrespective of theological differences and different styles of worship as per their denomination believe, confess and worship Jesus Christ.

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