Where Did Christianity Originate

Where Did Christianity Originate ?

The roots of Christianity started in Judea, which is in today’s Israel, almost 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ and his disciples. The Jews detested the rule of Romans since they were oppressed by this clan earlier. The cultural beliefs on pagans were intrusive on the lives of the Jews. Many felt that conforming to the change was the safe way out. Others formed guerilla groups to fight against Rome. Some others withdrew in to the wilderness of Judea and studied Jewish law while waiting for their Messiah to arrive.


The ministry of Jesus started at this time. Jesus was Jewish and knew the Jewish laws well. He taught in his early 30s in the synagogues and healed the sufferers. All his preaching was revolutionary and advocated people to realize that god’s kingdom was rooted in love and services. He challenged the existing authority for religion and asked people to repent from hypocrisy and self righteousness. This caused instability as feared by the Jewish authorities.

Soon few faithful men followed Jesus, called him their ‘teacher’ and became known as disciples. Jesus taught them the god’s will and about ‘new covenant’- that god will bring things to mankind through Him. He gave them the realization that sin caused pain and futility in life and distanced man from God. The aim of ‘New Covenant’ was to restore those who accepted this in to a new fellowship of forgiveness and love with the god. The covenant was that Jesus would pay for the human sins by getting crucified on the roman Cross unjustly. He would rise back to life after three days after conquering death in order to give hope to the hopeless. Events unfurled as Jesus stated and his disciples’ were witness to this miracle. The disciples proclaimed this gospel of hope all through the territory thus starting the history of Christianity and churches.

The New Testament gives an insight into the history of Christianity. The history of this religion began with the prophecy in the Old Testament. More than 300 prophecies spanning over 1000 years were stated regarding the arrival of Jewish Messiah. A glance through the life and death of Jesus showed that He was the one who fulfilled the prophecies of the Messiah. The mission of Jesus was made known to humanity long before He walked among humans to spread God’s word.

Resurrection of Jesus is pivotal to existence of this religion and reassures that Jesus is truly who He claims himself to be.

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