Basic Beliefs Of Hinduism

Basic Beliefs Of Hinduism

While Hinduism has many gods and goddesses, there are some basic beliefs of Hinduism that hold the believers together. The Hindus believe that the life force of the universe is Brahman. According to the scriptures, if a person does not know about his/her inner self and has no knowledge of Brahman, it will trap the person forever in the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. So, the Hindus belief that it is important to break this cycle.


Hinduism has many paradoxes, which the followers accept unquestioningly. Shiva, the god of death, is also considered to be the creator as well as the maintainer. According to Hinduism, everything in life is interconnected between opposites and phenomena occur due to the interaction between the opposites, such as light and dark, male and female and hot and cold. By keeping the opposite forces in harmony, a person can achieve spiritual, physical and cosmic wellbeing. However, Hinduism is much more than this. It is believed to be a way of life that encircles all aspects of the believer’s life, including art, health, business, politics, society and family.

The basic belief of Hinduism demands that every household should have a shrine. Usually, the prayers are conducted every day by the women of the house. They offer the deity in the shrine offerings in the form of fruits, incense, flowers and raw rice. At times, visitors to the house could be invited to participate in the prayers. The food offerings that are given to the deity are then distributed among the household members and those that took part in the prayers. This is considered as blessings from the house deity and is, therefore, consumed.

Strangely, in Hinduism, the basic belief does not have to encompass any god. All the gods are considered to be avatars or manifestations of the single Supreme Being. So, while Hindus may pray to different gods, they ultimately believe that they are praying to a single Supreme Being.

Also, the sole aim of Hinduism is to get freedom from the continuous cycle of life, death and rebirth. Hence, those who follow the footsteps of godliness and truth will achieve that freedom, while others would be destined to the eternalcycle of rebirth. As the Hindus believe in rebirth, they believe that once a person dies, his/her soul leaves the physical body and enters another body. It is the person’s karma in the previous life that decides what body the soul will inhabit in the next life. Hence, karma is one of the basic beliefs in Hinduism.

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