Islamic Law Advantages

Islamic Law Advantages

Islamic laws metes out some of the most barbaric punishments ever heard of. The belief that these laws can no longer be prevalent in modern times and are hence outdated is a misconception. The practicality and wisdom behind punishments, like hijab, lashing, cutting hands, stoning, forbiddance of alcohol and so on are not correctly comprehended and regarded impractical, oppressing and barbaric. Meanings behind punishments stated in Quranic Ayahs likecutting off hands referring to imprisonment to cut off one’s advantages were misunderstood. Islamic laws are updated and suit modern times as well. With limited things listed as impermissible, the charges on practicing them can be dealt with fast and easily.


Islam forbids consumption of alcohol. The Ayah pronouncing the forbiddance of ‘Khamr’, which literally means something which covers the head, referred to anything which befogged the mind. Since all intoxicants are khamr, all of them are forbidden.
In modern times, narcotics like marijuana, hashish, opium and so on are substances which are intoxicants. They all befog the mind which is against the law and hence forbidden. Hence, the law is universal and valid till date since such substances like drugs and alcohol can affect the safety and well being of our society.

The laws made by Prophet are still relevant despite the fact that some of these substances did not exist then. This shows the applicability of the laws in the past, present and future. 
Laws were made to make the environment safer, peaceful and clean morally from all types of injustice and exploitation.

A punishment which when meted to a person would rid the society completely of that evil was considered justified no matter how severe it was. Islamic laws believe in prevention of occurrence of crimes. Hence these laws cover not just the crime but aspects leading to them. Hijab was passed to eliminate the root cause of immoralities since men are naturally attracted to look and admire beauty of women. Women are forbidden from displaying their beauty or being alone with men other than male children yet unaware of private features of women, old servants or some mahram men.

The women could expose only a portion of their right hand or not wear hijab in front of some relations. Television openly broadcasts immorality to children of all ages. This explains crimes like rape committed by children of 9 to 10 years. Children can be corrupted and become capable of doing crimes. Hijab is against this risk and applicable more these days which was envisaged when it was written.

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