What Does Islam Say About Life Purpose

What Does Islam Say About Life Purpose ?

The purpose of life for every Muslim is ibadah, which means the worship of the Almighty as per the rules laid by Him. Worship also includes discipline and obedience to Allah. Every person, who worships Allah, should accept Allah’s will as his own.


A Muslim needs to worship Allah all their life. It can be a child, adult, aged person or an adolescent; they still need to worship Allah. By worshipping Him they are seeking the will of the Almighty on them. For a Muslim, his life on earth is very short and he can give meaning to his life only through total submission. The whole act of Ibdah or worship revolves around this concept.

For their Next life, a person’s faith, intentions, good deeds and attitude will be weighed carefully and will be presented with the life accordingly. According to Islam the present life is only a test for an individual. It gives him an opportunity to present his true nature. 

They do not consider death as the end for everything and they can expect to be fulfilled in an afterlife. For every Muslim after death there will be a Judgment day and his final place of lodging will be decided on that day. Whether he will go to heaven or hell depends on the life they have led so far and on their true nature. For every Muslim, there is a purpose to be solved on earth. Only on completing their life’s purpose will they go to heaven.
A person is regarded or punished depending on their attitude, and the efforts they have put in on earth. Their capability or the actions of others are not questioned. Since the life of a Muslim is considered to be an examination, death is considered as a period of resting. For people who have led a clean life it could be easy and people who did not, it could be horrible. 

Allah is the final judge of a person’s life and whether to reward or punish will be in his hands alone. The teachings of Islam say that a person should surrender, be sincere, obedient. And be in peace with the Almighty.

According to them, the living life is a test; the life in a grave is said to be resting phase where they wait for the Judgment Day. On this particular day, it will be decided what will happen to the person. The fate of the person depends on the person’s actions when they were alive.

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