Basic Beliefs Of Sikhs

Basic Beliefs Of Sikhs

Sikhs have a lot of beliefs, but there are some basic beliefs that are fundamental to the followers of this religion. The first belief is that there is just one god, who is not only the creator, but also the bringer of death. Sikhs believe that one can find god by activities that are done every day. They believe that even though god cannot be seen, He is present all around and is every where.


Another belief in Sikhism is equality. The followers of this religion believe that all human beings are equal regardless of their class or caste. As a result, Sikhism advocates the same rights for all people and when the people visit the Sikh temple known as Gurdwara, they are treated equally. Also, anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, can enter a Gurdwara and pray.

Sikhs believe that when a person dies, his/her soul leaves the dead body and enters another body. This body can be that of a human being or an animal. The body that the soul enters into is based on the past deeds of the person. If the person was good during his/her lifetime, the soul enters a human body. However, if the person was not good, the soul enters the body of an animal. Hence, Sikhs believe that the deeds of the past life have an effect on the future.

Sikhism persuades people to live a truthful life and be just to everyone and everything. Any money that a Sikh earns should be through hard work and honest. The money should not be taken from a person. Sikhism also advocates that a person should only eat those things that belong to them rightfully. Another basic belief of Sikhs is service to god. This can be performed by giving help to the needy. Usually, this service is performed through the Gurdwara.

The Sikhs that have been baptized go through a special ceremony. Once this ceremony is over, there are certain objects that they have to wear. All these object begin with the letter K and are therefore referred to as the five Ks of Sikhism.The five Ks are kesh meaning hair; kangha meaning wooden comb; katchera meaning shorts; kara meaning steel bangle; and kirpan meaning sword. A sikh should never cut his hair or beard and should have a wooden comb embedded in the hair always. A baptized Sikh must wear a pair of cotton shorts under the trousers as it is a symbol of purity; and wearing a steel bangle on the wrist symbolizes freedom and truth. The sword should be carried by a baptized Sikh as a weapon to defend truth and honesty.

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