What Do Sikhs Believe About God

What Do Sikhs Believe About God ?

As it was prevalent in the ancient times, people were polytheist in India. They used to pray to an array of gods and goddesses. They had superstitious beliefs and instead of seeking solace and peace by praying, the people were always plagued by worries and fears, as they did not want to anger the gods. As a result, the priests took a lot of advantage of these fears and superstitions. In order to do away with these practices, Guru Nanak took upon himself to educate people that there was just a single god. This belief is still prevalent among Sikhs all over the world.


He preached that there was just one god and people should just pray to Him. Guru Nanak’s follower succeeded him and became the next guru of the Sikhs. He was named Guru Angad. He ensured that his master’s teachings would prevail and kept repeating to his followers to believe that there is just one god and his followers should take to understand the attributes of that god.

According to Sikh beliefs, god’s goodness and attributes are never-ending. He is all merciful and full of love. He is the creator of all things and hence, is found in all the things. In addition, Sikhs also believe that god is transcendent and thus, He exists without being created. He is all powerful and nothing in this world can happen or exist without the knowledge and will of God. Furthermore, God has the ability to see even the smallest of things, and He is the divine father who loves his children. He blesses His children and the world they live. He has the time to answer to their prayers and since he is omnipresent, He has the ability to discern even the deepest secret of His believers and followers. Anyone can access god and the soul of a human being is an integral part of god.

Besides these beliefs about god, Sikhs also believe that remembering god’s name by repeating it constantly should be a daily practice. This is considered to be more important than any other religious ceremony or practice. By chanting god’s name and remembering His attributes, a person seeks His blessings. However, god’s attributes are so huge that it is impossible for a person to enumerate them in his/her life time. Nonetheless, believers should make an effort and when they get the time, they should read the holy book and scriptures of the Sikh, which is an enumeration of God’s attributes.

God can be remembered by uttering the word Waheguru, which translates to Wonderful Lord. In fact, this is a common utterance that Sikhs use throughout the day. However, the utterance should not be mechanical. The person should utter this word with all his/her heart and soul.

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