What Does The Afterlife Look Like ?  

Surveys go to prove that most of the people have their belief in life of some sort after death and most of the people do not have an idea how life would look like after death.

The subject of death moved from being merely religious to a transition into the higher level of consciousness made many physicians, psychiatrists and even scientists to renew their outlook on the meaning of the phenomenon called death.

Understanding and having knowledge about the afterlife would help many of the people across the world in overcoming the fear, pain and grief of death of someone near and dear or even oneself. It can be of tremendous help for the painful and grieving thoughts about separation. The life that we live on earth may be a preparation for an eternal journey of life and this might be a source for getting hopes, expectations and joys.

Many of us are aware that each individual person has his place in God’s heart. All the people on earth have the privilege of getting joy, blessings and the pleasures of life in heaven owing to the immense love god has for his children. Death can be seen as a passing way into the spiritual world where a new birth is taken for a new and a deeper stage of existence and if we prepare ourselves for such a higher state of existence, we can be fearless about death and can pass our time on earth with joy.

The belief of afterlife has been existent across all over the world from Plato to Jesus and Paul to many Oriental and African cultures to the spiritualists in the 20th century.

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What Does The Afterlife Look Like ?




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What Does The Afterlife Look Like ? )
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