Test for demonic possession, Possession and demonic influence

Possession And Demonic Influence            Holy Scriptures differentiates between possession and demonic influence the same way as mental and neurological illness. Due to the very complicated nature about humanity, an accurate explanation about the essence of possession becomes difficult. However, it is clear that possession is different from simple influence of the demon, in which the dark spirits try to incline the determination of a person to commit sin.

Possession And Demonic Influence

In such a condition, a person would maintain sovereignty on his actions and the ones who do get into the temptation can exorcise the will by prayer. Possession is also different from demonic influence in which the devil controls the reason as well as the will of an individual.

It is now evident that the spirits gain the power on the nerves that give motor-control to an organism in the manner that it keeps forcing itself between the soul and body, making the person lose his control on his actions and movements. More...

Test For Demonic Possession

Test For Demonic Possession

People having naturalistic view of the world hardly believe in the Christian concept of that of a creator. However, to think or talk of demonic possession can be very silly. An analysis of a patient, who did not have any serious clinical psychiatric problem, but showed genuine symptoms in sync with demonic possession, gives a test for supernaturalism.

Richard Gallagher, an emergency psychiatrist, recently put up an article, which was published in the New Oxford Review that was titled as “Among the Many Counterfeits: A Case of Demonic Possession”. He describes the case of demonic possession showed by a young lady with a long history of being involved with groups that were explicitly satanic. The patient who was assessed in this case report had multiple signs that were similar to demonic possession. More...