What Are Some Famous Haunted Houses ?

What Are Some Famous Haunted Houses ?

Houses are said to be haunted always. We haunt the houses when are alive and after we lose our lives our ghosts does the same. Firstly, our laughter fills the walls and then also our moans. Firstly, our joy reaches the ceiling and then also pain.

Here are some of the famous houses that are haunted with people’s ghosts:

1. 112 Ocean Avenue House aka The Amityville Horror House:
This is known as the very famous horror house all over the world. The movie “The Amityville Horror” is based on this house. The story begins with Ronald DeFeo Jr. shooting the 6 members from his own family. The person is still serving his term in jail, which is in New York. The family that stayed in the house in 1975, a year after the horrifying, tragic event, left the house complaining of torture by horrifying faces on windows, screams, and objects moving without any visible force, foul smells and all kinds of bizarre incidences

2. A house with a ghost named Tom:
Weird people are known to do weird things all the time. Back in 2000, a certain Mr. Ronson and his spouse from South Wales put their house up for sale, but the condition was that the ghost would also stay with the new owners in the house. The couple was so fond of the ghost that stayed with them that they put a nickname on him Tom.

3. Sydney’s Gothic Mansion:
This Abbey in Annandale was up for sale in the year 2009, and was expected to get $10 million from it. The mansion is gothic and has 50 rooms with original Victorian features. The ghost of a lady in white is believed to be haunting the mansion. The doors inside the mansion open or close as if they have a mind of their own, dark shadows can be seen, and the lady can also be seen roaming through the halls.

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What Are Some Famous Haunted Houses