What Is Paranormal Activity About ?

What Is Paranormal Activity About ?

Paranormal activity refers to a term encompassing a broad-spectrum of experiences, which are beyond the range of every day’s normal experiences and lack any scientific or logical explanation or phenomena that is perceived to be beyond the present ability of science to offer any explanation. Paranormal activities are different from particular hypothetical entities like dark energy and dark matter, insofar since paranormal phenomena are not consistent with this world as understood through experimental observation along with scientific ways.

Several stories about paranormal phenomena are heard across various cultures, folklores and recollections or experiences of a few people. However, the community of scientists and organizations like the US National Science Foundation state that scientific proofs do not support the beliefs that are characterized and termed as paranormal.

The word “paranormal” exists in the language of English since around 1920. Breaking it down into 2, it forms para and normal. In many definitions, for the term paranormal, it is mentioned as something which is beyond or is in contradiction with the laws and principles of science or that is not possible, scientifically. This definition means that the world is normal with proper scientific explanations, while the word paranormal means anything that is beyond, over, contrary or against that definition.

Paranormal subjects - Prominent beliefs in paranormal activities entail ghosts, unidentified flying objects (UFOs), extraterrestrial life and cryptids.

Ghosts - They are manifestations of the souls or spirits of people

UFOs - Also known as Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs are the flying objects seen in the sky or on earth’s surface, with its shape, functions and design beyond the understanding or explanation of present day science.

Extraterrestrial Life - The paranormal side of the extraterrestrial life revolves mostly around the sightings of unidentified flying objects.

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What Is Paranormal Activity About ?