Peacock Feather Superstition  

Even though the twenty first century made much progress in the field of science and technology, some superstitious belief still remain in the minds of the people. The manifold development in technology has not been able to wipe off the roots of superstitions completely from humans’ minds yet.

There are superstitious thoughts associated with most types of professions in life, be it medicine, carpentry or that of technicians. So theatres and dramatics are no exception. A popular belief among the stage actors is that concerning the feather of peacock. As beautiful as it may look like, the presence of the feather in and around the theatrical stage or the concerned actors is considered a bad luck by most. It usually indicated the failure of the play or the act that is to be enacted on the stage. This is because of the pattern of the peacock feather. The back of the feather has a dark singular eye shaped pattern, which is believed to be the Eye of the Evil. That Eye is considered to cast a bad spell over the ambience of the theatre and also into the minds of the actors and other concerned people. That generates a feeling of ill will.

From the theatres, the stigma attached to a peacock feather has traveled to domestic spheres to. People now hesitate to put anything made of peacock feather in their houses as they feel that Evil Eye will cast a wicked spell on the well being of their home too.

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Peacock Feather Superstition




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