Why Do People Believe In Superstition ?  

Superstitions are centuries old thing which was started by our ancestors who faced mysterious events or circumstances which they could only explain with the knowledge they had. This was the period, when there were no signs of development of science. For example, mirrors show reflections or shadows fall when light is coming from the opposite direction, could not be explained without science, so the ancient people concluded that reflections and shadows are part of their soul. They considered it unlucky when a glass or mirror is broken; they believed their soul will get harmed. So people, breaking mirrors were considered harmful and unlucky.

Today, science has explanations for shadows and reflections. But there are people, who still believe breaking a mirror is considered unlucky. These people are called superstitious. Superstition can be also said to be a practice or a belief, people are still clinging on to, though science have proven these beliefs untrue and silly.

Some common superstitions people still believes are -- walking under a ladder brings bad luck; breaking mirrors invites 7 unlucky years; if a black cat crosses a person's way, it is considered bad; a shooting star brings your wish; and number 13 brings you bad luck.

People with superstitions are good at finding various excuses for doing and not doing things. If things don’t work out for them, they will have excuses handy. They easily imagine magical effects and sometimes even modify or cancel a superstition.

Occasionally there are cases, where the effect expected does come true. A person be carrying a rabbit's foot in a casino may win, or some child may contract a illness after meeting a strangely behaved woman, who might have cast a spell on the child, which may or may not be true. These will not only reinforce superstitions, but the story will be passed around and affect many other people.

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Why Do People Believe In Superstition ?




Age-And-Superstition      Superstition is the name given to any belief which does not have any scientific basis. Thus, one might think that this kind of concept should be almost non-existent in today’s world, given the kind of advancements it has made in the field of science. However, it is not so. There are millions of people still around, who staunchly believe some superstition or the other, based on the culture he or she belongs to. In this article, we will touch upon superstition from various ages through the history. More..




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Why Do People Believe In Superstition ? )
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