Justice Tarot

Justice Tarot

If you draw the justice tarot card, it is mean that there is some connection with legal issues and problems. This card is depicted by a sword and scales in nearly all types of tarot cards. When this card is drawn when the person is facing any legal issues, it generally means that the legal issue will be in favor of the person.

The justice tarot card is also connected to business affairs, like contracts and agreements, which again are legal in nature. Here also the card is taken as a good sign and it means that everything will be in favor of the person.

The card symbolizes that the person gives advice or looks for advice only after thorough reasoning and a lot of thought. So, if you draw the justice tarot card in a tarot reading, it is recommended that you do not let emotions and feeling control you when it comes to your legal problems.

However, tarot cards are always read and interpreted based on the spread pattern. So, if the justice tarot card is surrounded by cards that are deemed as negative, it means that the person will either face some amount of injustice, or any legal case against the person will not be favorable. When such a reading is given, then the person has to be extremely careful and must seek advice from a knowledgeable person for his or her legal issues. The person should avoid making any hasty decisions for any legal matters.

If similar negative cards surround the justice tarot card and the question is about business, it means that the person will not be successful in his or her new business venture. Here also the person should consult a knowledgeable person and be very careful while making business decisions for a new deal or contract.

However, the justice tarot card is not just connected to legal issues. It also has a deeper meaning. It is a card that symbolizes fairness and ability to adjust at a spiritual level. It is considered to be a card connected to karma.

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Justice Tarot