Aura Color Meaning

Aura Color Meaning

Aura implies to the electromagnetic field that emanates from a person's body. This field exists 2 to 3 feet around the person, and stretches above the head as well as under the feet. Aura consists of approximately 7 layers of subtle bodies having their unique set of frequency. All these frequencies are inter-related, and have an effect on the other and influence the individual’s feeling, thinking, emotion, health or behavior. The slightest imbalance in any of the frequency will cause an imbalance in the others too.

Different colors represent different auras or traits in us humans like:

Red: Obsession, anxiety or anger

Deep red: Realistic, strong willed survivor

Muddy red: Anger

Clear red: Positive ego, energetic, competitive, powerful, sexual, passionate

Pink: Loving, sensitive, sensual, affectionate, pure, artistic

Deep and murky pink: Immature, dishonest

Orange- red: Confident, creative

Orange: Reproductive, vitality, vigor, stamina

Orange yellow: Creative, intelligent, scientific

Yellow: Optimistic, inspirational, playful

Pale or light yellow: Spiritually aware, optimistic

Lemon yellow: Fears loss of control, prestige; struggler in business or personal ties

Bright and shiny gold: Bright, inspired

Deep brownish gold or yellow: Strains to study or excessively analytical

Green: Growth and balance

Emerald green: Healer, love centric

Yellowish green: Creative, communicative

Deep, muddy forest green: Jealous, insecure

Turquoise: Compassionate, healer

Blue: Caring, intuitive

Light blue: Peaceful, truthful

Royal blue: Clairvoyant, spiritual

Deep and muddy blue: Fearful

Indigo: Sensitive, intuitive

Lavender: Visionary, imaginative

Violet: Visionary, artistic, magical

Silver: Abundance

Bright and metallic silver: Intuitive, receptive

Gold: Wise, spiritual, intuitive

Deep, muddy gray: Fear

Black: Unforgiving

White: Pure, truthful

Sparkles of white or flashes of whitish light: Pregnancy

Earthen: Grounded

Rainbow: Star-person

Pastels: Sensitivity, serenity

Dirty brown or gray overlay: Insecurity

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Aura Color Meaning