Place To Play Ouija

Place To Play Ouija

People in modern times would intend to play this game of Ouija for an experience and with the blind gut feeling that nothing would go wrong. But, many have had serious psychic and paranormal experiences which imply that the newer generations should approach this game with caution and not ignorance.

Before starting the game, one should be cautious of few locations best avoided:

  • Grave-yards or abandoned churches
  • Sites of mass death, accident or murder
  • Houses with children and play-grounds

Some locations where this game can be played are:

  • House which is blessed and sealed
  • Garden, park, near a water spot or other place where good memories exist
  • The timings for the game should be between late evenings to midnight
  • The players must feel mentally fit to play

The location is blessed and sealed by sprinkling holy water and salt in all the rooms including the attic, basement and the play area outside. Salt should be spread around all the players and the board and holy objects should be placed in the corners of the board. Prayers should be chanted for protection of the players and their families.

The game should be recorded by a recorder for notes, dates and other information gathered. Any abnormal occurrence in the surrounding should also be noted. The questions posed should be simple. Any answer being misspelled or spelt backwards; attempts of countdowns, or futuristic predictions would indicate that he spirit could be evil. The game should be wound with thanking and bidding good-bye to the spirits while asking them to protect the families.

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