Runes And Their Meanings

Runes And Their Meanings

Runes are a way to learn about the future of an individual. The word originates from the Germanic word meaning mystery. The letters used are called ‘Elder Futhark’. These letters are classified in to three groups called ‘Aetts’.

The first Aett contains:

  • Fehu: (Cattle) wealth.
  • Uruz: (Aurochs or ox) one’s will, strength and standing.
  • Thurisaz: (Thorn or giant) physical or magical force and capability overcome obstacles.
  • Ansuz: (God, mouth) communication, spiritual powers and divine inspiration.
  • Raidho: (Ride) journey, transportation troubles.
  • Kenaz: (Torch) heat, fire, light and enlightenment.
  • Gebo: (Gift) generosity, sacrifice and hospitality.
  • Wunjo: (Joy) happiness, good news, content.

The second Aett contains:

  • Hagalaz: (Hail) changes post storms, chaos prior creation, ruminating seeds.
  • Naudhiz: (Need) approaching a situation with constraint and wisdom, need for caution with limited options.
  • Isa: (Ice) barrier, chance of hidden agenda, frustration.
  • Jera: (Year) slow and steady change, prize for efforts, completion of work, benefits from long term plans.
  • Eihwaz: (Yew tree) stability, correlation between different people and worlds, power of death or life.
  • Perthro: (Game of chances) Destiny, luck, friendly or unfriendly competition,
  • Elhaz: (Elk) physical or magical self defense, protection.
  • Sowilo: (Sun) energy, victory, good fortune and clarity.

The third Aett contains:

  • Tiwazloyalty, self-sacrifice, conflict.
  • Berkano: (Birch tree) goddess, feminism, birth, fertility.
  • Ehwaz: (Horse) team-work, strong friendship and partnership, connection between humanness and spiritualism,.
  • Mannaz (Man) self-realization.
  • Laguz: (Lake) intuition, creativity.
  • Ingwaz: masculinity, sexuality, fertility, plenty.
  • Dagaz: (Day) clarity. Good luck, growth.
  • Othala: (Inheritance) ancestors, inheritance.

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Runes And Their Meanings