What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Leo ?  

In the zodiac, Leo is characterized by the lion, and it is an earth sign. A Leo by nature is adamant, bossy and dominating character.

So, they need someone who will listen to them, and also someone who can be submissive to their demands. Leos are very proud, and they cannot stand anyone who can hurt their pride. They are an extremely determined sign and nobody can actually change their mind once they have made a decision.They resemble the lion in many ways through their characteristics. They are fiery in nature, and will not think twice before an attack. So, it is better not get into any fights with them. Leos are very lazy, but they can be extremely demanding from their partners. They are also good natured. People like them because they are good people.

A Leo will always remain a child, and they are immature in several ways. They are loyal to their partners and quite playful in nature. The ideal partner for Leo will be one who can compliment these characteristics, and also one who can deal with the domineering nature of Leo. Some of the signs that the Leo is compatible with are Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini and Libra. All these four signs have several similar qualities, and they tend to understand the Leo’s demanding nature very well.

Leos are a respected sign. When they see someone not respecting them, they get deeply hurt. Also, they love attention, and are ideal for the glamour industry. Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini and Libra understand this nature of Leo, and can give the due support and encouragement to a Leo partner.

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What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Leo




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What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Leo ? )
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