Aquarius Basic Characteristics  

There are totally 12 sun signs in the zodiac calendar. Each of these sun signs has different characteristics, and people born under these sun signs exhibit these characteristics. Understanding the characteristics of sun signs helps us to understand the person. Aquarius is one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The basic characteristic of Aquarius is that they are very compassionate, and if they have cause, they take it to their heart. An Aquarian will be in a position to help out others, and also when people are in trouble they tend to approach them. These are some of the positive traits of Aquarius. There are some negative traits of Aquarians too.

People, who are born under the sun sign of Aquarius, invariably do not like to make a commitment to anything. They can be very adamant to the point of being unreasonable at times. Also, if this specific sun sign gets into an argument, they will prove their point and leave and until then they are not going to keep quiet. They can be hasty and difficult to make up their mind at times. That is the biggest reason why Aquarians do not get into long term relationships easily. They are scared of commitment. Also, Aquarians are very unpredictable people and hard to manage by others.

These types of basic traits are shared by almost everyone born under the same sign. You can find some common behavior patterns in all Aquarians, and relate one Aquarian to the other always.

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Aquarius Basic Characteristics




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Aquarius Basic Characteristics )
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