Facts About Aquarius

Facts About Aquarius

Aquarians are considered to be the older of the sun sign cycle. Their zodiac sign one just one step before Pisces, which is the grandfather of all sun signs. There are several facts about Aquarians that people do not know.

Aquarius is the revolutionist. They are very creative and do things differently, and in a unique fashion. Also, when Aquarians are around, the place will not be quiet and it will be sparkling with entertainment. Most people think that they are eccentric and in a way they are. Aquarians are good advisors and they make good advocates and managers. They are people’s person, and they will usually go out of their way to see people follow their advice. Also, they are kind and helpful in nature. Several people might think they are gullible, but Aquarians are very shrewd and have a high value for self preservation.

The lucky stone for Aquarian is the turquoise. It is mainly available in Turkey and Iran.

The Uranus is the ruling planet for Aquarians. Uranus represents change and revolution. They also highlight rebellious attitudes and have an amazing energy. Anything that needs a tremendous change has to come from Uranus and its energy.

The Aquarian is symbolized by the water carrier. This means nourishment and life giving energies. The Greek God Zeus was one of the first water bearers.

There are specific health issues that Aquarians attract. This sun sign regulates the legs and the blood circulation. They may have issues associated with these parts. They may have issues with their ankles and knees, and also experience cramping with these areas.

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Facts About Aquarius