Characteristics Of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Characteristics Of Cancer Zodiac Sign

People born between June 22 and July 22 fall under the Cancer zodiac sign. There is a wide range of Cancerian characteristics, right from people who are withdrawn, shy, timid and dull to the most brilliant lot.

Cancerians are typically home loving as well as conservative by nature. The male loves his home to be a place of comfort and respite from various stresses in the outside world. The female loves to head a large family and treats her abode as the right place to exercise her maternal instincts. Cancerians love their home to be like a secure comfortable den. Though they are sociable, they like to treat their abode more as a personal space than showcase it to their visitors. They love solitude as much as company.

Though their outward appearance seems to carry a cold hearted behavior that is unemotional, thick-skinned and stubborn, their intimate circle observes them to be sensitive and sympathetic to people whom they love.

Cancerians are highly imaginative and try to fit in their creativity into an ideally romantic life. They appreciate literature, drama and art. The flow of feelings and action excite them inwardly. They can be highly successful on stage due to the mimicry capabilities.

Cancerians often are struck in conflict of being reserved and being outward in their approach. Their ideals are highly inspiring which makes them a leader to an organization that appreciates their approach.

The relationship of Cancerians in a marriage may not be highly sentimental or romantic. However, they are extremely loyal to their family and spouse. They like to give a lot into their relationship and expect very little in reciprocation.

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Characteristics Of Cancer Zodiac Sign