Libra Body Characteristics  

Experts highlight that generally Librans do not have any specific or unique body characteristic that makes them stand apart in a group. In co-ordination to its zodiac symbol, a Libra has a well balanced outward personality as well. Even those, who are towards the heavier side, seem to have the additional pounds well spaced out all over the body frame rather than fat being accumulated in a particular zone of the body.

Both the genders possess average heights and built, with pronounced body curves. One major body characteristic of this zodiac is its poise and refinement, which is evident in any Libran’s walk.

The body characteristics of a Libra can be broadly bifurcated into two categories, the shorter and the taller variants. The shorter Libran shows features such as stocky physique, full lips, well rounded forehead, broad temples, blue or brown eyes with a piercing look. The second variety is taller with a slender physique. Their body features include straight and narrow forehead, dark hair, with gray or blue eyes. People falling in the latter group are known to be blessed to an incredible sense of observation.

Interestingly, the female Librans are generally stout while the males illustrate effeminate characteristics. Librans have good and healthy skin and hair that is envied by all around them. Their voice is soft and Librans are frequently good singers.

The 'Dimple of Venus' is said to be a Libran's most peculiar body characteristic. Most commonly, the dimples are visible on the face or chin. In some individuals, they can be spotted only on smiling. Many Librans have dimples in their knees and elbows. As it is, a Libran is known to have the potential of charming anyone with his or her smile that reflects honesty and love. The dimples in addition highlight the charismatic appeal of a Libra, which is difficult to resist.

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Libra Body Characteristics




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Libra Body Characteristics )
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