Libra Woman Desires  

Women born under the zodiac sign of Libra are ruled by Venus, who is the goddess of love. A Libran woman accordingly is full of love. One of the prime qualities of the Libra is that they believe in justice and peace. They make decisions after weighing everything in a common balance. Their judgment on any matter is seldom wrong.

A Libran woman puts everything in a common balance and sees the good and bad for anything she would do. A Libran woman has an unbiased outlook in life. A Libran woman has a natural ability for fair judgment. The Libran woman can be a good mediator, and also a loving person. The Libran also has some dual qualities just like the Gemini. Just like how the common balance tilts sometimes she may compromise and on the other side she will insist on getting her way.

The Libran woman can be lazy and she is not a very organized person. She keeps putting off things and delaying her actions for tomorrow. This makes the Libran a bit disorganized and lagging on tasks. Libran woman is a very good friend of people and a faithful one. She will never leave their side as long as they need her but they have to be fair and correct too. A Libran woman is right in her thinking nine times out of ten. For herself she likes the high flying life and loves all the good things. Librans love travel and luxury is of prime concern.

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Libra Woman Desires




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Libra Woman Desires )
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