Libra Myths  

         The seventh astrological sign in the zodiac is termed as Libra. It is one of the four air signs having the symbol of scales. People born between September 23 and October 22 are said to be Librans. The ruling planet of this zodiac is the Venus.More...

How To Date A Libra Male ?

How To Date A Libra Male

A Libra man may be difficult to please as he seeks beauty and brains in his women. He has a keen observation and values the finer aspects of life. Therefore, dating this perfectionist may not be a very easy task. Nevertheless, a few tips could prove to be handy when in conversation with this critical analyst.More...


Characteristics Of Libra

Characteristics Of Libra

Out of all the 12 zodiac signs, Libra is the only one that is not represented by a living being. Experts suggest Libra to be one of the best zodiac signs as it symbolizes the pinnacle of the year. Style and refinement are the key words to a Libran's character. Librans are known for their sophistication and good looks. Born with artistic instinct, they appreciate the finer things in life.More...


Are Libra And Pisces A Love Match ?

Are Libra And Pisces A Love Match

At the very first instance, the love compatibility between a Libra and Pisces may not seem very promising but the air sign, Libra and the water sign, Pisces could show traits of a strong bonding with a little hard work from each side. The union can be described as the coming together of two creative souls with high sense of aesthetics.More...


Attracting A Libra Male

Attracting A Libra Male

A man belonging to the zodiac sign of Libra is attracted by a right combination of beauty and brains. The external appearance and internal depth of a woman hold extreme significance for him. Born with an inclination towards logical thinking, the Libran man is fascinated by a woman who can carry off an intelligent and meaningful conversation. The topic could be anything, varying from philosophy to politics, but it must stimulate his mind.More...


When Is Libra Visible In The Night Sky ?

When Is Libra Visible In The Night Sky

Libra is symbolized by the common balance or the weighing scale. The constellation of Libra is found between the constellations of Scorpio and Virgo. There are other constellations like Ophiuchus, Lupuis and Serpens Caput also found around the constellation of Libra.More...


Where Is Libra Located In The Sky ?

Where Is Libra Located In The Sky

The Libra is identified by the sign of the scales and it is usually visible in the night sky by 9 pm in June. Libra was earlier represented by the sign of the claws but now it is represented by the scales. The confusions about the sign of Libra seem to have come from the Arabic word called Zubana, which means both the scorpion and the weighing scale.More...





What-Is-The-Story-Behind-The-Constellation-Libra      The sign of Libra is the scales or the common balance. The people born under this sign are also right in their judgment accordingly Libra means the common balance and this sign was born some 4,000 years ago. The sun passed through this constellation some time around this period. More..




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