Emotions Of A Male Pisces  

A person who is born from February 20th to March 20th is a Piscean. A Piscean man is an extremely gentle, loving, caring and sensitive personality. These are the basic emotions that drive them. It is almost like they breathe love. For any woman, a relationship with a Piscean man can be one of extreme love. However, that lasts as long as she does not hurt him.

A Piscean mans emotions are quite kept under the wraps unless an incident occurs that he has to show it.

A Piscean man is always looking for love and when he finds his love he makes every effort to treasure it. However, there are only four signs that understand this tendency totally and they are Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces. A Piscean can be handful to handle if he and his partner have no compatibility. A Piscean man has all the good emotions that he would look for in a woman like he is a good listener and also understands partner. However, their calm and steady nature is often misunderstood by women.

An over ambitious woman may not be the best match for a Piscean and she may find him incompatible. A Piscean is so mature that they miss out on the fun in their life. They just have all their answers as they are the oldest of all the zodiac signs. However, that does not mean they do not have any faults and they can be very sensitive at times for example. But, if a woman is able to nurture the Pisces man’s emotions then she will have a rewarding relationship.

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Emotions Of A Male Pisces




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