How Do You Win The Heart Of A Sagittarius Man ?

How Do You Win The Heart Of A Sagittarius Man ?

A person born between November 20th and December 20th is called a Sagittarian. The zodiac sign is represented by the archer. The man who is born under this sign is extremely witty and is almost childlike. A Sagittarius is a warm and loving man by nature. However, he is scared of commitments and does not easily get married. They think a lot before taking the final step towards their wedding.

A Sagittarius is very sharp and intelligent. They have a sharp tongue too and a great sense of humor to add to that. For one moment they can bestow you with praises and for the other moment say something very mean to you. However, when you are feeling low about what they said, they will immediately cheer you up.

A Sagittarius man will stay in love as long as they are being loved. A Sagittarius has a bad temper, and a woman should be able to bear the brunt of it. However, when the Sagittarius calms down, he will be as guilty to throw his temper at you. Sagittarius is also very flirty by nature, so the woman should be able to handle in a smart way. It is quite difficult to maintain a relationship with a Sagittarius. They are very loyal and faithful in the end and will not do anything stupid that will jeopardize their relationship.

Sagittarius man loves to travel and the best way you could win his heart is by going on holidays with him and tries out all the adventure you can with him.

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How Do You Win The Heart Of A Sagittarius Man