Who Is Sagittarius Most Compatible With ?  

The Sagittarius is best compatible with Aquarius and Libra. All the three have one thing in common and it is they have wisdom and intelligence. The difference shoos when each of them display these qualities in a different way.

A Sagittarius is a warm, loving and caring person. He or she will have a great sense of humor. They can sometimes hurt other with their sense of humor or even compliment others. They have a short temper and they are very talkative by nature. Because they are so talkative they can never keep a secret and often come across as untrustworthy.

A Sagittarius with Aquarius relationship is the one of an older person and a child. The Aquarius has the wisdom ad patience to deal with endless sarcasm of Sagittarius and also he or she can deal with their bad temper with patience. This calm and composed nature of an Aquarian will always keep the Sagittarius grounded. In the hands of an Aquarian the Sagittarius is a child that is handled well.

A Libran is known to be gentle, caring, loving and understanding type of person. They are also very good with judgments. They will weight all the possibilities and also give the other person the due credit if they are not wrong. However, once a Libran believes that he is not at fault after weighing the consequences, then there is no way on earth that they will give in. Most people misunderstand a Sagittarian’s behavior by either getting hurt or disliking it. However, a Libran will always weigh the situation and will understand the Sagittarians perception.

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Who Is Sagittarius Most Compatible With




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Who Is Sagittarius Most Compatible With ? )
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