What Do Scorpios Look Like ?

What Do Scorpios Look Like ?

A Scorpio is a master of words and charm. They are the most charismatic people one can find. A Scorpio looks like a tough master from the outside however deep within they are too emotional. A Scorpio can be hurt very easily. Some of their negative traits are vengeance attitude, revengeful and spiteful. They cannot forgive nor can they trust anyone.

Some of the positive qualities of Scorpio are generosity, loving, caring and emotional people. They can really take their partner to the ninth cloud and if the partner has to hurt them in anyway they can drop them right from there. Once a Scorpio decided to stay away from a person, that decisions is made for life. They will never try to reason it out. The Scorpio is an extremely nice person or the worst person. It can be anything with them.

A Scorpio man is well built, with broad shoulders and expressive eyes. Their eyes speak a volume about their personality. He is always handsome and can talk so well that he can be a woman killer. Beneath all these is an extremely passionate man also. A Scorpio man is not very tall, and he has a shrill voice most of the times. Even if he is not very good looking he can psyche people to think so.

A Scorpio woman is well built, slender and she is very charming. She is not necessarily beautiful but with her disposal she gets people interested in her. The best feature will always be her eyes which are very deep with emotions. However, you will never see tears in these eyes. It is a moat that is well guarded.

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What Do Scorpios Look Like