Traits Of A Taurus Woman  

The Taurean female is just like her male counterpart in the zodiac signs. She is very loyal to her partner, sensible, has a high will power and also likes to be pampered. She has a very huge ego also at the same time. She has a very high sustenance and can deal with several situations at the same time. She can handle even the toughest situations in her personal life and career.

She is very career oriented and is designed for success. She is quite patient and has a lasting patience level. However, when she loses her temper after you give her a good reason for it she will be your worst nightmare. Never push a Taurus woman against the wall for your own good.

A Taurus woman for all her ego does not like to dominate her husband as a woman. Instead, she will use her ego to pamper him and make him feel great. She loves to bring him presents and also make him special things for dinner for example. When you marry a Taurus woman everyday will be special and she will put in all the efforts to do so. However, you should not hurt her ego anytime.

For Taurus woman, her man should be very male like, strong and should have strength. A Taurus woman is very loyal in friendships and her relationships. She is one of the best friends to have as she will never leave their side. She will fight their battles for them. A Taurus woman has more positive traits than negatives.

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Traits Of A Taurus Woman




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