What Kind Of Women Do Virgo Men Like ?

What Kind Of Women Do Virgo Men Like ?

A Virgo man likes a woman who is well dressed, clean and neat in appearance. The woman has to be dressed well, and as the old saying goes -- the first impression makes the best impression -- is a fact in this case. If a woman is not well dressed or if there is anything clumsy about her, then the Virgo man will not take a second look at them. If the woman wins in the looks department, then it comes to qualities like intelligence, and smartness.

Virgo men are very critical by nature and they tend to analyze everyone and everything they see. If they are interested in a woman, then they will analyze her inside out. They have a bad nature finding faults, and they can bring out the negatives even in the most perfect thing in their life. It is their perfectionist attitude that makes them do it.

So, for a Virgo man to like a woman, she should have exceptional qualities. She may have faults but it should not be in the areas and intelligence and practicality. A Virgo man will like a practical woman who makes decisions using her head. Virgo man sees last minute decisions as a threat. So, if a woman is hasty, then it will be a big put of for a Virgo man. A Virgo man is not used to the mushy feeling of love and if a woman is over affectionate, then he will run away from her. He would rather have a woman who sits with him, and talks and argues with him.

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What Kind Of Women Do Virgo Men Like