Virgo Constellation Story  

Very constellation in the 12 zodiac signs has a story about it. The Virgo zodiac sign discovered by the ancient Greeks and also the Babylonians, and it marked the end of summer and signified the beginning of harvest season for them. The Virgo zodiac is symbolized by the Virgin -- the female is holding a small grain in one of her hands.More...

Virgo Characteristics

Virgo Characteristics

A Virgo is a bundle of various qualities, and most of them are very desirable for others. However, the same qualities sometimes become their negative aspect and makes people hate them.More...


Virgo As A Lover

Virgo As A Lover

Getting a Virgo to fall in love is a very difficult thing to do. They cannot be pleased easily and a person will need a lot of patience to persuade them. Virgo is not a very sentimental sign so they do not actually understand the language of love. They seem to be pretty detached as they are highly practical people. They also have an extraordinary common sense.More...


What Attracts The Virgo Man ?

What Attracts The Virgo Man

A Virgo man will be attracted to any woman who can be intellectual, intelligent and practical with him. He will run miles away from a woman who is sentimental as he does not understand this emotion, and he does not express it either. The Virgo man is a highly practical person.More...


Description Of Virgo

Description Of Virgo

The zodiac sign of Virgo falls between August 21st and September 20th. Anyone who is born in this time period is characterized as a Virgo. Any Virgo man or woman exhibits some classic qualities of the zodiac sign.More...


What Kind Of Women Do Virgo Men Like ?

What Kind Of Women Do Virgo Men Like

A Virgo man likes a woman who is well dressed, clean and neat in appearance. The woman has to be dressed well, and as the old saying goes -- the first impression makes the best impression -- is a fact in this case. If a woman is not well dressed or if there is anything clumsy about her, then the Virgo man will not take a second look at them. If the woman wins in the looks department, then it comes to qualities like intelligence, and smartness.More...


Who Named The Constellation Virgo ?

Who Named The Constellation Virgo

The Virgo constellation is one of the oldest and also the second largest constellation of the Sky. It is symbolized by a woman who is holding a grain or a specter in her hand. The Virgo being one of the oldest constellations has several theories around it originating from various ancient cultures.More...





Virgo-Symbols      The Virgo is represented by the Virgin goddess of justice, and it is the second largest constellation of the sky. It is the 6th of the zodiac signs, and it mainly signifies the end of summer and the beginning of the harvest season for ancient Greeks and Babylonians. More..




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