Commercial Manufacturing Of Organic Fertilizer

Commercial Manufacturing Of Organic Fertilizer        The commercial manufacturing of organic fertilizer will differ from one manufacturer to another depending on the composition of the end product. This said, it is important to know what an organic fertilizer is. This type of fertilizer is made from natural products like bone meal, manure, kelp, dried blood and/or sea weed.

       Organic fertilizers are very popular with gardeners who are looking to avoid chemical fertilizers and their after-effects on the human body. While most homeowners want a decent looking lawn, they do not want to pollute the environment or their water sources. This would explain why organic fertilizers are gradually getting more in demand.

       The main advantage of using organic fertilizer is that it is made up of natural materials and these break down to supply nutrients to plants and grass. This break down happens gradually and it means that the feeding process is slower and thereby lasting longer. This benefit is not available with most chemical fertilizers.

       One method of commercial manufacturing of organic fertilizer has been invented and patented by a Japanese scientist. This method utilizes organic waste like domestic animal’s excrements for raw material. The method makes sure that no bad odor is experienced during the manufacturing process and stable composition can be obtained at a very low cost using a simple device. The manufacturing process involves boiling the organic wastes, drying it and then roasting it. There is also a deodorizing unit that removes the bad odor emitted during the manufacturing process.


        Many commercial manufacturers are now tilting towards organic fertilizer seeing the popularity of it. And, using this type of fertilizer is good for your garden, plants and the environment.

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Commercial Manufacturing Of Organic Fertilizer