Ingredients For Organic Fertilizer

Ingredients For Organic Fertilizer

A fertilizing mix should be beneficial for improving the nutritional quality of the vegetables that is grown in the garden. It has to have the potential and correctly balanced mix composed mostly or rather full of natural substances.

It would not be as expensive as chemical mixes that are not only costly but also harsh on the soil unlike the commercial organic fertilizers. If the ingredients were bought in bulk from the right vendors the same would be still inexpensive. Seed meals and various kinds of lime make up for the most important ingredients required to grow a quality garden.  

Gypsum is a kind of lime that is not much needed. But its sulfur content proves to be a vital plant nutrient. Double the quantity of inexpensive agricultural lime can make up the absence of gypsum that happens to be quite costly. One bag of dolomite limestone can be the best choice that could be used alternatively with agricultural lime.

When it comes to seed meals, the sources of farm and ranch stores as well as feed and grain dealers make up the best. They are used more to feed livestock.

A mixture of uniform parts like 4 parts seed meal, quarter part ordinary agricultural lime that is finely grounded with quarter part gypsum and half part dolomite lime gives a good result.

The best results could be got when 1 part bone meal, rock phosphate or high-phosphate guano and between half to one part kelp meal are mixed. Chemical-free grass clippings for the seed meal are found to be much less expensive

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Ingredients For Organic Fertilizer