Disadvantages Of Chemical Fertilizers  

Chemical fertilizers are fertilizers that have been artificially manufactured to contain nutrients in specific quantities. These fertilizers are also known as artificial fertilizers, synthetic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizers. (See Reference 1) These fertilizers can be manufactured from petroleum products, rocks and some times using organic sources. (See Reference 1)

Many people how grow their own vegetables and fruits, or have kids do not like to use chemical fertilizers. They are constantly talking about the disadvantages of chemical fertilizers. While there are advantages of using this kind of fertilizer, it makes to sense to also understand the disadvantages.

Some of the disadvantages of chemical fertilizers are highlight below:

  • The fertilizers are primarily produced from non-renewable sources and thus they are not environmentally friendly. (See Reference 1)
  • While the fertilizers help a plant to grow, they do not do much for the soil. They do not help to improve the health or structure of the soil. (See Reference 1) Hence, when chemical fertilizers are used for prolonged duration, the soil gets damaged as the trace nutrients are not replenished in the soil.
  • The nutrients from the chemical fertilizers are easily and quickly available for the plants. However, it is this same quality of the fertilizers that make them harmful as there is a risk of over-fertilizing the plants which can cause the plants to die and also end up causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. (See Reference 1)
  • Repeated use of chemical fertilizers causes toxic chemicals, like cadmium, arsenic and uranium, to build up in the soil. These toxic chemical can ultimately find their way into the fruits and vegetables that a person grows. (See Reference 1)
  • Using chemical fertilizers for a prolonged period of time upsets the pH of the soil, causes an increase in pests and does away with the beneficial microbes present in the soil. (See Reference 1)

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Disadvantages Of Chemical Fertilizers


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Effects Of Chemical Fertilizers      People use fertilizers to introduce trace elements and nutrients into the soil so that plants can absorb them. These fertilizers can be made through artificial means or using natural organic ingredients. The fertilizers that are made from inorganic materials are known as chemical fertilizers. (See Reference 1) Usually, the use of chemical fertilizers is not advocated due to the harmful effects they have on the environment. (See Reference 1) More..




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Disadvantages Of Chemical Fertilizers )
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