Beginning Flower Gardening Tips

Beginning Flower Gardening Tips        A flower garden is the perfect place to create and dream. It is a place to play, work, rest, and contemplate. No matter what size plot, time or budget you have, you can start a flower garden to express your creativity and get close to nature.

Beginning flower gardening tips:
      Planning and starting flower garden might initially seem like a huge task but if you learn a few basics, you will be able to create magic.

  • Make sure the soil is healthy and has a lot of organic material along with the right pH level
  • It is best to plant flowers and shrubs on a cool or cloudy day so that the stress of transplanting is minimized. Try planting either early morning or late afternoon.
  • Flowers are usually planted in spring. However, there are some varieties that can be planted at other times of the year. It is best to check with the local nursery about specific plants’ planting season.
  • When planting flowers, make sure the hole is dug in freshly worked soil. The diameter of the hole should be twice the diameter of the root ball and approximately the same height as the root ball.
  • Take out the flower gently from the container and work your hand over the root ball to stimulate it.
  • Place the plant in the newly dug hole and make sure that the roots are not exposed. Also ensure that foliage of low-lying flowering plants is at proper level so that it does not get wet as it will start rotting.
  • Pack the hole with soil and press it gently so that trapped air is removed. After that gently water the plant. Then top of the hole with the remaining soil and water the plant again.
  • You should cover the base of the flowering plant with a good mulch. You can use leaves, bark, hay, grass etc to make a mulch.
  • Make sure you water the plant well for a year until it establishes a good root system.

     Now with these flower gardening tips, you are all set to establish your flower garden.

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Beginning Flower Gardening Tips