Gardening Tips For Hydrangea

Gardening Tips For Hydrangea        There are many species of hydrangeas but the most common colors are white, pink and blue. Hydrangeas also come in lavender, lilac, deep red and light green colors. The flowers blossom in a collection of small flowers.

There are primarily three cluster shapes and these are:

  • Mophead – these hydrangea clusters are round and shaped like a sphere
  • Lacecap – the clusters are flat in shape and the blossoms bloom around the edge
  • Panicle – this cluster is shaped like cone

         Hydrangea make beautiful cut flowers and last approximately a week in a vase. Your hydrangea will bloom if you cut the flower stems. You have to prune the stems so that your plant produces flowers.

Here are some gardening tips for hydrangea:

  • Hydrangeas can grow either in partial sun or a shady area of the garden.
  • They do not like the afternoon heat and need protection from the sun.
  • Make sure you water the plant well as hydrangeas love water.
  • If you are looking to determine the color of the hydrangea, check the acidity of the soil. If the pH of the soil is between 6 and 6.5, you will get pink flower; blue flowers are produced in soil that has pH 5 to 5.5.
  • You can add sulfur to make the soil more acidic; or you can add lime to the soil make it alkaline
  • Keep your hydrangeas well fertilized by using a general fertilizer. Make sure you water the plants after well after adding the fertilizer.
  • To propagate hydrangea, dig a small trench next to the plant. Then remove a little bit of the bark and lay it in the trench and cover it with soil. Once the growth starts, make sure you remove the soil from the tip. Do not worry about the root system as it will grow under the soil.

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Gardening Tips For Hydrangea