Hydroponic Cucumber Problems

Hydroponic Cucumber Problems      If you love salads, you know that cucumber is an important ingredient. This is why cucumber is considered a high value crop as the demand for it is always high. Farmers view cucumber as a good farming investment and he will not have to wait too long to harvest his crops.

     Hydroponic cucumber farming is a good alternative for cucumber farming as the plant does not need another plant or insect for pollination. If the hydroponic conditions are good, you will be able to harvest your crops in just 60 days! This obviously will translate to a better financial situation.

      Hydroponic cucumber farming is one the best ways as hydroponics reduces insect infections and diseases in general. You will be able to harvest good and healthy crops. This does not mean that there are no hydroponic cucumber problems. There are but if you take care, you can overcome them.

      Cucumbers love high temperatures and when growing them hydroponically, make sure that the temperature is around 80 degrees. Cucumbers do not do well in cold and frost so the temperature will have to be maintained right through. Cucumber plants need a lot of nutrients as they are voracious eaters. This means applying nutrient solution on a regular basis. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are regularly required by the cucumber plant and you should have them handy to use in your hydroponic system. As you measure and apply the nutrients, keep a close watch on the temperature of the water solution. Any increase in the temperature can affect the cucumber plant adversely.

      For growing cucumber hydroponically, it is important to have good lighting system. These plants require as much as 16 hours of light each day.

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Hydroponic Cucumber Problems