Hydroponic Nutrient Tablets

Hydroponic Nutrient Tablets        All plants are what they eat and this is even more important when growing plants in a hydroponic system. The nutrient solution that you feed your plants plays an important role in determining whether your plant growth will be a success or not.

       There are nearly seventeen mineral elements that are important for a plant to grow. And in hydroponics these nutrients have to be added in specific amounts to the water in order to meet the needs of the plants. Hydroponic nutrients are available in many different forms. You can also get them in the form of hydroponic nutrient tablets. These tablets allow the grower to custom blend the solution for each individual plant.

        Usually hydroponic nutrient tables consist of mineral salts. They provide 13 micronutrients and macronutrients that are essential for plant growth. The nutrients are in just the right proportion. Some hydroponic nutrient tablets also contain a buffer so that you can use ordinary tap water for the plants without having to adjust the pH of the water solution. The nutrient tablets supply all that your plant needs in order to grow well and healthily.

       When growing plants hydroponically, you have to mix the hydroponic nutrient tablets into the water in the holding tank. You can use a submersible pump so that the nutrient-filled water is forced through a hose to the plants. The gravity will ensure that the solution returns to the tank. This system will keep the solution well mixed and aerated. The high oxygen content will prevent the roots of your plants from drowning while allowing the roots to take maximum nutrients.

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Hydroponic Nutrient Tablets