Methods To Start A Hydroponics Garden

Methods To Start A Hydroponics Garden        Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil. Hydroponics uses nutrient enriched solution to give the plants whatever they need without having to use soil. Many gardeners prefer this method of growing plants as they can control the nutrients and oxygen that the plants receive, and thereby hastening the growth.

        Professional growers invest thousands of dollars on hydroponics gardens, but you can start a hydroponics garden at your home with minimum investment. You do not have to worry about spending lots of money. There are different methods to start a hydroponic garden and we will discuss the simplest of them.

You will require the following things to start a hydroponics garden:

  • Hydroponic pot
  • Vermiculite or rockwool
  • Plastic cup with holes
  • Bubbler
  • Pump
  • Hydroponic Solution
  • pH test kit

         Use vermiculite or rockwool to anchor the roots. Take the plastic cups cut holes into them to suspend the plants into the hydroponic pot. You can use any plant like tomato, lettuce, peppers, herbs or cucumber to grow.

         Place the submersible fish tank bubbler and pump into the hydroponic pot. Fill it with a mix of water and hydroponic solution. The bubbler and pump will aerate the water and push the water and nutrient solution to the roots of the plants. Use the pH kit to monitor the pH level of water. The pH level should not be below 6.0. Allow the solution to drop to the lowest level of the roots and then change it. Under normal circumstance the hydroponics solution should be changed every 2 weeks so that the plants get a steady supply of nutrients.

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Methods To Start A Hydroponics Garden