How Does Aeroponics Work ?

How Does Aeroponics Work ?

Aeroponics is a system where plants can be grown without the help of soil. The roots of the plant are exposed and suspended in the air. The roots are sprayed with nutrient rich water and the temperature is controlled to be humid.

Usually in an aeroponics system the plants are raised as seedlings. The roots are places in a mesh covered pot like structure and nutrients are sprayed. The enclosed room is called an aeroponics chamber. In this method the plants use very less resources. Also, the plants are free from diseases.

In an aeroponics system, a board drilled with several holes is used. These holes are drilled at equidistant from each other. The plants germinate from the seed in these holes without any soil. The medium used for this is rock wool which is a fibrous material. It is well aired out just like soil. Then the germinated seedlings are transplanted to the board. The plants would typically grow above the board and the roots are dangling below the board. Both the sides of the broad are exposed because the board itself is suspended in air.

Beneath the board a separate enclosed area is created called the root chamber. This is created to protect the roots from light and also hold the essential nutrients required for the plant. In this enclosed system the water will not get absorbed completely and the environment will stay humid. A pump set with automatic timer sprays with water and nutrients at regular intervals and you do not have to personally supervise it.

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How Does Aeroponics Work