How To Aquaponics ?

How To Aquaponics ?

Aquaponics originated as a combination of fish farming and hydroponics. The waste generated by fish was used to provide the plants with the nutrients, while the plants, in turn, end up purifying the water for the fish to live. However, modern aquaponics grows plants using a suspended system where plants are suspended in the air and nutrients are directly sprayed on to the roots.

Plants usually germinate and grow in soil. However, in Aquaponics plants are grown without the use of soil. The seeds are germinated using a medium that is porous. Once the plant starts growing roots, the plant is suspended and the environment is kept humid. In the initial weeks, the plants are watered from the top, and they are kept moist. However, after the plants speed up their growth they are taken care of an automatic system.

In an aquaponic system, all the needs of the plant are taken care of. Light is provided, the roots are protected from sunlight and also the plants are given the essential nutrients to grow. The environment for the plant is always maintained consistent so the plant grows steadily. The plants grow much faster and much healthier in an aquaponics system.

Today, aquaponics is a catching up system because it can be used in several places where the soil conditions are not enough to grow healthy plants. Usually fish are also used as an alternative but maintenance with fish is much higher. Instead people can simply use the system of aquaponics with suspended air equipment to grow any plant they want.

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How To Aquaponics